PVC Molding

PVC Molding

PVC Molding - GA

With a vast experience in offering the molding services for plastic components, Green Zone Service is your ideal resource for OEM plastic components. We have become the most trusted plastic component molding service providers in GA.

Green Zone Service is a pro-active plastic injection molding business based in GA. As a family run business in GA that has enjoyed well over many years of trading, we offer a wealth of knowledge as well as skill to our diverse client base. The Services offered here at Green Zone Service include design assistance, development, toolmaking and injection molding. We provide our plastic molding services including injection molding, PVC sheet, PVC trims boards, PVC window trim, PVC lumber, PVC panels, PVC moldings, plastic trim molding, PVC baseboard, exterior window molding, PVC corner trim, PVC crown molding, exterior crown molding, PVC trim molding, PVC beadboard, and much more.

As a trusted GA plastic manufacturer of bespoke thermoplastic products, our experience is hugely diverse. We provide both mold tooling solutions and repeat production of injection molded components across a broad range of industries; from aerospace and medical to construction and security. With a rich history in producing bespoke technical moldings to various industries, we can process a diverse range of thermoplastic materials, including high engineering grades. The machines are supported with a monitoring system and dedicated patrol checks throughout the run.